Final living well poster Jan 2021_CHO1

Living Well brochure CHO1 Jan 2021

Please find above links to a poster and brochure regarding Living Well programme which is a free group self-management programme for adults with long-term health conditions and will run for six weeks. There is one workshop each week that lasts for 2.5 hours. The programme is usually delivered in a classroom setting. However, during COVID-19 it is available online. People taking part in the workshops may have the same health condition(s) as you. Others will have different health conditions. The workshops are delivered in a relaxed and friendly way so that all participants can learn from each other. You can also share experiences of living with your condition(s). Each person who takes part gets a book about self-management. Two trained facilitators or leaders run the workshops each week. At least one of the facilitators lives with a long-term health condition.

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