March 2019

This is the first study to examine awareness of alcohol marketing and ownership of alcohol branded merchandise in a demographically representative sample of young people across the UK, including those above and below the legal purchasing age for alcohol….click on the link below to read this study…….

20 February 2019

An interesting article on some of Britain’s big cities and how they have become dependant on an alcohol driven night time economy…..strategies are being developed to counteract antisocial behaviour as a result of the high density alcohol outlets….a lesson to be learned….

19 November 2018

Today in the European Parliament, MEPs and health campaigners together with industry representatives, yet again called for the alignment of alcoholic beverages with other food products.

2 November 2018

Reducing alcohol consumption is key to violence prevention, due to the strong association between alcohol consumption and an individual’s risk of becoming a perpetrator or victim of violence.

10 October 2018

Public Health Alcohol Bill finally passes in the Dail.

31 August 18
An interesting article on minimum unit pricing, click on the link below to read it…

13 August 2018
Sligo Healthy Ireland Project – Health Promotion Signs on Bins in Sligo

As part of our ongoing work in implementing the Sligo City Alcohol Strategy, 2018 – 2023, the Sligo Healthy Ireland project in conjunction with the North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force have developed a range of health promotion signs giving clear and practical messages around low risk drinking guidelines which have been affixed to numerous bottle banks in Sligo town and environs.

By implementing this action, we are adding value to the Strategy and in doing so, creating public awareness around the link between alcohol and health related issues. It is incumbent on us a Task Force to educate and inform the general public that alcohol is not an ordinary commodity but one that contributes to a range of social and health problems.

We would like to thank the various agencies, in particular Sligo County Council for their involvement with this initiative – partnership working is key in making Sligo a safer and healthier to place for all of its citizens.

If you require any further information in relation to the above, please contact:
Sean O’Connor, Coordinator, Sligo Development Centre, Cleveragh Road, Sligo
Phone: 087 9959091/071 915120/

Alcohol Harm Reduction Profile – Sligo
Alcohol Harm Reduction Profile SLIGO

Community Guide to Alcohol Licensing


Click here to read the Strategy: NWRDATF Strategy 2018 2023With heavy industry mostly gone, cities such as Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool have become worryingly dependent on the alcohol-driven night-time economy