Please Think Before you Buy

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Please find attached two you tube clips on Think Before You Buy which brings home the message that recreational drug use plays a key part in funding the operations of drug dealers in our communities which is directly linked to criminality and drug related intimidation. The purpose of these short information videos is to raise awareness around the facts that people who engage in casual drug use also contribute to the fear and intimidation inflicted on people. Our hope is that it will improve communication between communities, the local authorites and An Garda Síochána in relation to drugs and asks recreational drug dealers to think about how the small amount of drugs they buy at weekends feeds into a much bigger national problem.

Some Facts:

Condoning recreational drug use trivialises and normalises drug taking as a harmless pursuit – this normalisation and trivialisation has to be questioned and challenged at all levels of society – most especially in the media.

The underlying cause of the drugs issue is recreational drug use – if you use recreational drugs, you cannot complain about drug dealers because they are supplying you with your €10 worth of drugs!

NACDA General Pop Study 2016 – 9% of adults living in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland between 15 & 64 years of age tried drugs in last year.

Census 2011 – 4.8 Million in Republic of Ireland & 1.8 million lived in Northern Ireland (6.6m).

Those aged between 15 and 64 years numbered 3,022,869 in the Republic and in Northern Ireland 1,080,000 (4, 102,869m) for the whole of Ireland.

9% of 4, 102,869 = 369,258 engaged in recreational drug use each week…

€10pw = €3,692,580 per week X by 52 weeks = €192,014,269 per year

Please find attached posters to download and print and circulate in your areas.
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