Minister Byrne’s Visit to the North West, 20.3.19

We were delighted to have had the opportunity of meeting with Minister Catherine Byrne, Minister of State at the Department of Health with responsibility […]

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  29 March 2019 Click on the link above…..This site will help you examine your own cannabis use. The exercises can be used as self-help (on your […]

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  11 March 2019

Alcohol & Older People – a Swedish Study

Report-Alcohol-and-older-people-1 The report (click on the link above) addresses the elderly’s increased sensitivity to the effects of alcohol which, in combination with the ageing […]

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  1 March 2019

Safer Student Nights The HSE and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) ask students to think about drug safety measures when using club drugs Throughout the […]

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  25 February 2019

2019 Alcohol & Other Drugs Training Calendar

AOD 2019 Check out the many and varied courses/training being offered by NWRDTAF Training and Education Coordinator for 2019. Contact: Christina McEleney on: 087 […]

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  22 February 2019

St Patrick’s Day Small Grants 2019

NWRDATF Small Grants Ad St Patrick’s Day 2019 NWRDATF Small Grants Terms and Conditions 2019 St Patrick’s Day Small Grants Fund 2019 Application Reducing-Harm-Supporting-Recovery-2017-2025 […]

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  6 December 2018

Alcohol and Drugs: A Parent’s guide

practical advice to help you communicate with your child about alcohol and other drugs ‘Start a discussion with your teenager and come from a […]

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  20 November 2018

Press Release -Launch of Healthy Ireland Survey 2018

Press Release Wednesday 24th October 2018 Launch of Healthy Ireland Survey 2018 Estimated 80,000 fewer smokers Where you live impacts your health Binge drinking […]

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  25 October 2018

National Drug-Related Deaths Index: 2004 to 2015 data

Drug-Related Deaths in Ireland 2004 to 2015 This update (attached in the link above) presents figures from the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) on […]

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  12 October 2018

Report: Parent alcohol misuse & its impact on children

This report (UK) is based on independent research commissioned from the Children’s Policy Research Unit and funded by the National Institute for Health Research […]

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  11 October 2018

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