Here are some simple safety tips to help you enjoy being out and get you home safe…

Before you go:

  • make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, has ICE number on phone and has credit before heading out
  • wrap up warm when you’re out and about
  • carry enough money to get home and keep it safe from your other money
  • plan your journey home: book a taxi or arrange for someone to collect you
  • leave emergency money at home to pay for a taxi

going-out-safelyWhen you’re out:

  • if you leave with strangers, make sure your friends know where you are going
  • remember safety in numbers, stick with your mates
  • look after your mates: text a friend to let them know when you arrive home safely, get them to text you too
  • avoid walking home if under the influence
  • do not accept lifts from cruising cabs or touts and try to travel home with a friend
  • if walking home, keep to well lit, busy areas, always try to walk facing traffic so a car cannot pull up behind you unnoticed

If you feel threathened:

  • stay calm and walk away if someone approaches you that you don’t know
  • stop at a well-lit public place, such as a pub or takeaway.
  • don’t go straight home as this will show the person where you live