In response to an upward trend in cocaine use and cocaine-associated deaths in Ireland, the HSE and the Ana Liffey Drug Project (ALDP) have developed a new campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of using cocaine (powder and crack) and how to reduce the harms associated with snorting, smoking or injecting. The campaign was launched on Tuesday 17th July, by Minister Catherine Byrne.
Cocaine is more available and at its highest purity in Europe today than it has been in a decade. It is the most commonly used illicit stimulant drug in Europe, and Ireland ranks fourth highest in EU for use of cocaine among young adults.
While it is always safest not to take unknown or illicit drugs at all, if a person decides to take cocaine/crack they are urged to follow harm-reduction information to reduce the risks associated with use. People are also encouraged to think about their health and access professional help if needed.
The campaign resources can be downloaded from the site at i.e. Posters and social media imagery which are being used as part of the campaign alongside the hashtag #DoYouUseCocaine on the link attached.