By way of update, in response to Covid-19, the Government has launched “The Community Call”, a major initiative that links local and national government with the community and voluntary sectors.

The Community Call is an unprecedented mobilisation of both state and voluntary resources to combat the effects of Covid-19. The purpose of the Community Call is to coordinate community activity and community assistance to where it is needed.

The Community Call will be overseen and managed locally by Local Authorities. Led by the Local Authorities Chief Executives, the dedicated community Forum in each county will coordinate and connect the wide range of services and supports available in their specific areas. The forum involves an extensive list of state and voluntary organisations. A dedicated phone line is now operational in every county (details attached) and the national number 0818 222 024 is also now in operation. Click on the link below to download.


As part of the valuable resource of community and voluntary organisations, we are asking that you bring this information to the attention of your community, especially our leaflet – COVID-19 – Advice for people when lending a hand.

Email support help desk is also available for queries from community and voluntary organisations at C&

More information is available on where information and practical supports are updated regularly.

The Department of Rural and Community Development