Minister Varadkar has launched the 2015 ‘Lets Talk About Drugs National Youth Media Awards’

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DrugsieMediaAwardsPressRelease04112014 The competition has been launched on a national basis and is seeking entries from local drug/alcohol projects and groups/organisations working with young people in all Task Force areas.(All schools are being written to directly). To enter, students are asked to create either: a short video, an audio podcast, a news article; or a poster on one of the following themes: (a) The effects of alcohol on the family; (b) The effects of drugs on mental health – the age categories for entering are: 12-14; 15-17; 18-21; 22-25. Winners from the four age categories will receive an iPad mini and

Irish Heart Foundation: publishes ‘Say When Sooner’

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Please find attached magazine published by the Irish Heart Foundation which will give you the lowdown on alcohol, heart disease and stroke and will explain how much is too much.  The important topic of how and when social drinking becomes a dependency is discussed by an addiction psychiatrist  - check out the handy drink diary.   saywhensoonerposter1SayWhenSoonerMagazinePDF

Q:When is Esctasy not Ecstasy A: When it’s PMA/PMMA

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PMA_Poster_A3_download A number of pills recently sold as ecstasy were tested and found to contain PMA/PMMA.  These drugs differ from MDMA - traditionally the active ingredient in Ecstasy pills - and have been linked to a number of recent hospitalisations and deaths. There's no way of telling what's in a pill, just by looking at it. It's always safest not to take unknown or illicit drugs at all, but if you are going to use, be in the know. Please click on the poster attached for more important information on PMA/PMMA.

Press Release: ‘Know Your Teen’ Leaflet

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The Task Force have announced the publication of an information leaflet for parents and teenagers 'Know Your Teen' which is aimed at encouraging conversation between parents and teenagers around the harms associated with alcohol misuse and other drugs in everyday life and what parents need to know to keep their teenagers safe. Please click on the link provided below to download or if you require a copy of the leaflet, please call the Task Force office on 071 9151520. Know your Teen Leaflet

Press Release: Information Leaflet on Benzodiazepine Misuse

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The Task Force are pleased to announce the publication of an information leaflet on Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Serepax, Mogadon,Roypnol) which will be disseminated widely throughout GP practices in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.  Please click on the link provided below to download. Benzodiazepine Leaflet

Dates for ASIST Workshops/Courses, Sligo and Donegal

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ASSIST - Suicide 1st Aid Course - Sligo Assist - Suicide 1st Aid Course - Donegal Please find attached for your information ‘ASIST Workshops’ which are delivered free of charge to both professionals and members of the public by the Health Services. The aim of these Workshops is to increase awareness, develop skills and promote the prevention of suicide in our communities for your information and consideration.  

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