Dear Colleagues,


The North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force invite applications for the St Patrick’s Day 2016 Small Grants Scheme for once-off funding to Community and Not-for-profit Voluntary groups/agencies who are working to tackle drug and alcohol misuse in counties Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal. Grants will be awarded to projects with an Education/Prevention remit whose sole purpose will be the delivery of alternative, alcohol free events/activities for St Patrick’s Day celebrations in March 2016.


Please find attached in respect of the above for your information and consideration:-


  •  NWRDATF 2016 St Patrick’s Day Small Grants advertisement;
  • NWRDATF 2016 Terms and Conditions;
  • NWRDATF 2016 Small Grants Contract;
  • Interim National Drug Strategy 2009 – 2016;


Maximum award per applicant will be €1,500 and must directly relate to one of the Education/Prevention pillars and or actions of the National Drugs Strategy 2009 – 2016 (interim) attached.



NWRDATF Small Grant Application 2016

St Patrick’s Day Small Grants Advertisement 2016

St Patrick’s Day Small Grants Terms and Conditions 2016

ST Patrick’s Day Small Grant Contract 2016